Project description

The scientific relevance of the project is caused by importance to study reasons, factors, forms, and results of including the maternal image of Russia in political processes.

The project is original, because for the first time:

  • the role of the symbol of Motherland in symbolic politics of contemporary Russia is researched;
  • the use of this symbol by various political actors in the political mobilization practices, in legitimation and delegitimation of power is analyzed;
  • the role of this symbol in shaping and supporting All-Russian identity is investigated; the various ethnicities (Russians and North Caucasus ethnicities)’ attitudes to the “Motherland” is examined;
  • the role of the maternal symbol in regional discourse, in gender and demography politics, in politics in education, in commemoration practices is researched; the regularities of using the symbol in the discourse on international relations, as a part of Russia’s «soft power» are established;
  • the role of visualizing the «Motherland» in the symbolic politics carried out by various actors is examined;
  • on the base of analyzing the mass consciousness the effectiveness of using the “Motherland” in the symbolic politics is researched.

The project will result in:

  1. establishing regularities of the use of the symbol of Motherland in the symbolic politics of contemporary Russia;
  2. identifying the integrating and disintegrating functions of the symbol in creating All-Russian civic identity and its impact on interethnic relations;
  3. defining the role of this symbol in practices of political mobilization and processes of legitimation and delegitimation of power;
  4. investigating inclusion of this symbol in Russian foreign policy discourse as well as regional, educational, visual, demographic and gender politics.
  5. revealing the effectiveness of using the “Motherland” in the symbolic politics on the base of analyzing Russians’ social views

The way of distributing the results of the project in 2015-2017:

  • 2 monographs;
  • 2 collections of papers;
  • 23 papers in journals of Russian Science Citation Index and 4 papers in journals of WoS /  Scopus.

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