rodinaThe mother image of Russia is one of the most ancient, famous and influential symbols of Russian culture. For centuries it has been employed in national, ethnic, war, gender discourses as well as discourses on foreign and domestic politics.

The symbol is involved in practices of political mobilization, in legitimation and delegitimation of power, in political branding, in gender, demographic, educational politics. The political actors use the “Motherland” in commemoration practices and in politics of identity, above all, in forming the national, All-Russian, civic identity. The symbol is used in Russian discourse on the foreign policy serving as a part of the Russia’s soft power.

The aim of the project is to examine the role of the Motherland symbol in symbolic politics of contemporary Russia.

The project is supported by Russian Foundation for Humanities (grant No 15-03-00010)

The Project realization term – January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2017

The project is carried out through the Centre for Ethnic and Nationalism Studies of Ivanovo State University

The project is lead by Oleg V. Riabov, Dr. Sc. (Philosophy), Professor, Consultant of Vice-Rector for Research, Saint-Petersburg State University

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